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Who are We?
We are – Sven, Michael, Lisa, Ryan and Monica.

We’re a 30-something group of tech nerds. We all wanted something we could come together on. We discovered each of us had a unique take on the value that blockchain and this new era of cryptocurrency would have. Knowing it is a big field and lots to cover – We felt this would give us multiple angles and topics to report on all the while keeping each of us fully motivated and engaged.

We also all agreed that neither of us really see ourselves as extroverted and /or wanting to be the face of the project. 

We didn’t want to be thinking about the brand or how we were perceived and have to deal with that on a daily basis plus we do appreciate our privacy, not wanting to deal with trolls etc. We simply want to inform and educate and do a really good job of that.

We are your blockchain and crypto news outlet.

We do get our social fix with each other. We do love the interaction amongst ourselves.

Our conversations though can be long-winded so we are learning to abbreviate and not get to lost in our own perspectives.

And that helps us with our reporting as we can then likewise attempt to be brief and just bring you what matters.

Succinct and on point is our motto.

How we approach each of our blogs

Think of us like reporters wanting to bring you the soundbites that are most important and most meaningful, not to just us, but for you as well. 

We don’t see this site as being about us or even by us – we are inspired by those we speak to outside of our little circle and what they want to know. Indeed this has been foundational to how and why we even started crypto-and-blockchain. We welcome you to send us topics or questions you’d like to know more about.

And as a final note – we believe this is important…

You’ll notice how the site includes two distinct topics…

– Crypto and Blockchain

While we do see Crypto as having been built on blockchain – we do see it as just one piece of what can ultimately be built using blockchain technology. One thing, the five of us, all have in common is we see a great future for digital currency built on blockchain. 

Money is such a bit part of our lives and we see us going through a revolutionary shift in how we define money or currency and that is in no small way as a result of blockchain technology.

It’s one of the reasons why you will see us report consistently on different aspects of The TNE Coin.

We do see it as leading this innovative path of new forms of currency. 

We refer you to this review of >>>The TNE Coin digital currency.<<<